And in today’s news: heroic container fills 1Tb drive with logs to crash server. “Fuck Docker” says admin

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    Generating enough logs to fill a TB is quite an achievement indeed.

    Maybe, you need to set some quotas...
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    Did you leave it on loglevel=all?
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    Naw some other container took a shit and this one started spamming lots of errors, logs didn’t go where they were sposed to for logrotate to clean up, so...probably going back to bare metal on monday, had enough of all this shit
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    Happened to me on a root server once, without a separated /var partition by OpenLDAP delivered with debug logging (e.g. for missing indices) paired with a buggy cronjob doing a lot of queries.

    Will never make this mistake again.
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    *gitlab memories intensifies*

    Had the same problem with gitlab + docker. 25 GB a day log files. Wtf?!
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