Okay so i am trying my hands in web dev, majorly the backend stuff and my aim is to launch a simple web app in a production grade environment, to get a basic knowledge of various tools.

So i had the following project in mind: "save my secret string" . this is going to be a minimal site with 2 blocks.
in the first block in which user can add an id_string and data_string, and press enter. on pressing enter, the data will get saved in backend. if the id is already used, it will over write it with new data.
in the second block there's going to be a search button and an output area where user can enter the id string and get output( no matter who added the output, if key is correct, they can access it) if its available in the database. Kind of like a pastebin, but without any links

is it a simple project to learn the back end basics?I plan to add more features to it and later convert it to full scale blog site.

So can you help with a few pointers on what should i be looking upon to get it running like a full production app ? I know of a few buzz words that production apps use in their environment: docker multi containers, vanilla html/css/js , some form of encryption lib, aws instances and vpc / multi user ec2, mysql, postman and some kind of js framework for sql queries( i guess that's postgres)

I don't really know much about any of them, so can you help me with a flow on what should i learn to make this app possible?

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    Why don't you try starting with something a little simpler, storing specific user input gets complicated rather quickly and from the sound of it your already headed for problems if overwriting what's already been submitted is as simple as putting in the same id.

    Find a 3rd party service with a public api that returns data for a search query. One that requires an account and a public key to use. Figure out how to hook that up so that your users can utilize it without exposing the public key to them. Meaning don't just send a fetch request directly to the api from the client.

    Finish that and move on to just saving the results as a log of what was looked up, without any specific user info. Once you get that much down, then start worrying about managing individual user accounts. You'll be way better prepared for it by then.
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