Hey guys
I've been working on a game for about two weeks. I built it in unity, and after spending 25$ on publishing it on the PlayStore, it took like a week of waiting, which was very frustrating, since my app got rejected due to privacy policy issues wherebi apparently did not mention a link which redirects my goddamn users to a site that has privacy policy details of my app. Honestly, Im just 16 and if this is what indiegame devs go through, i probably have to search for another job.

Its been two days now and even now when I search for my all by its name, it Does not show up. I mean, 25$ for shit and anither coulle of dollars for a stupid website that has privacy policy content for which i hqve to pay every week, is STUPID.

Guess what, I realized that I barely git any installs after promoting it like a madman on different social media platforms. Here's a last tryπŸ˜’

Hey would you like to review my android app?
It is a infinite runner available on playstore!

It features rockets dodging obstacles. I think you should definitely check it out!

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    why do you need location data?
    Do you really need to know where I am?

    Also... iOS not supported, please make iOS supported and ill give you 5 stars!!

    On a serious note, it's more then I've ever done on Android or mobile dev so kudos to you!!
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    Have not downloaded, not in my language

    On a more serious note, though, indie game developers probably go through much worse than that. Since you're only 16, you still have plenty of time to understand (a little bit) the whole thing. Don't rush it
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    @C0D4 hey, location data may be needed seperately for google ads that show you ads based on your region. The app does not really require your location for any purpose, but the google ads may. Thanks for the review tho
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    @Jilano hello
    Thanks for the comment. The game is actually in english, so isn't that your language??
    Thanks for the reply
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    @C0D4 iOS not supported because it's expensive. I think OP will be more than happy to support it when and while users are willing to pay for the dev cert and the store, or as soon as Apple pull their heads out of their asses and stop pretending that it's a privilege to develop for their platform.
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    @Lor-inc whoops, I forgot the </sarcasm> flag πŸ˜…

    But your right Apple is hella expensive to dev with as an indiedev, especially if you don't get that $$$ come back in.
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    Does this heavily rely on Google play services? (that would be fine but I don't have those so that would make testing difficult)
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    @C0D4 Don't hesitate to edit my comment too, next time
    Thank you!

    @devilb2103 It was a joke regarding the "classic" stupid reviews people leave. No worries
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    Your promo pics include a mouse cursor. Make sure to have pics without that because people will expect a low quality game with screenshots Like that
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    I wrote a lot of observations under a comment by @caramelCase.
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    @don-rager Heyy,
    I noticed that too a while ago, and it does look terrible πŸ˜‚, Ill make sure changing that. Thanks for the observation 😁
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    @Jilano ohh i get itπŸ˜‚
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    @linuxxx hello!
    It will rely on google services for only advertising purposes (admob to be specific) and app distribution. Other than that, its independent (if thats the word)😁
    Thanks for the reply
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    After a bit of testing I've concluded that the rear of the rocket doesn't even have a collider, rather there seems to be a fat ball collider around the nose. This explains a lot, but it also makes the game a lot less interesting. You don't actually have to maneauver around those weird corners, you just have to jump over them with a small object the position and extents of which can be guessed after half an hour of playtime.
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    I also Just downloaded an played around a little. I found a personal No-Go:
    The Main menu's bottom ad Banner overlaps the bottom two menu buttons
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    @don-rager hey!
    Its really nice that you went ahead and tested out the game. Illntry Improving this issue soon. I came up with this thinking that it wouldn't make much difference since most of the users have a 720p or 1080p or a 9:16 ratio screen, which works well with the banner ads that appear below the home screen buttons at the bottom, but now I know😁
    Thank you very much for your time
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    @Lor-inc wow, you got it exactly right!
    Well this is what I came up with, since if I add a custom collider thats shaped like a rocket, then the player has a really high chance of crashing into obstacles with this sort of gameplay. Nevertheless, I will try to find a way round that so It doesn't appear as wierd.
    Thank you very much for the response 😁
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    @devilb2103 It would be a _lot_ more challenging, but I would definitely enjoy it a lot more that way.
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    I'd suggest you do a promo YouTube video with example gameplay (Short, perhaps 30 seconds..), do you have your own YouTube channel ?

    Suggest looking for android game bloggers who do game reviews and asking them to review it, ideally ones with YouTube channels.
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    The game runs slow on my devices (Moto G7 and Galaxy Tab A 2016).
    Not sure if you just set a very low framerate, but it feels like ca. 10 fps - which is not great on a modern device. Especially the "death" animation feels a bit slow. Additionally the controls feel slow.
    This contradicts the "fast paced" you have written in your application's description.
    I cannot do better (I have no idea how to create 3D games), but I have seen this in many beginner's apps and/or animations.

    On larger devices (Galaxy Tab A 2016), I can see the pixels on any diagonal edge of the scene.

    The "info" screen seems to be bit ... unorganised. Text at the very screen edge (what to people with "edged" devices do?), text is neither centred nor aligned.
    In "oh yeah and don't flop" the "oh yeah" seems to colloquial to me.
    Oh and the device's back button doesn't work in this screen
    Align or centre you text properly, I would say it wont hurt putting the "controls" and "made by" headlines on a separate line.

    Instead of writing a "16 year developer" write your real or Google Play name (a user has no use for the information about your age, and your age will change in a year anyway).

    I'm also a bit curious why you declared some permissions (USB storage, external storage, WiFi networks, location) but do not use them (and for what reasons you planned using them).
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    I'd also suggest starting your own Facebook group re. your game company/etc.

    Useful for play testers, feedback, and collecting folk who can spread your game further.
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    There is no indicator in the shop what I am buying before doing so, or if I have enough coins to unlock it.
    I would avoid using "dollars" as the currency symbol, as a user can misunderstand it as a shop for real money.

    A small question: Is there no sound in your game?

    Further II:
    At least the second rocket has the same exhaust animation as the first one, but they have different shapes.

    Further III:
    Personally I miss some indicators at am Arcade style game: Can I buy new rockets now? Did I score a new high score?
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    You might want to finish polishing the game before sending it for review. ( First impressions count. )

    As such, your own Facebook group could be useful for that phase.

    As well as asking here. :-)

    Polished = when no one else complains about anything !

    It is also helpful to get it tested on a wide range of devices, ( Ideally you want a list !) and OS versions, before submitting it for review, so you can fix any bugs.

    I hear something like 10% of Android games don't work on platforms they are assumed to, and this could lead to bad reviews.
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