NixOS = throw all your previous knowledge about Linux out of the window.

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    I love the philosophy behind it though. It's absolutely rock solid once you get it working but a humongous pain to get to that stage.
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    I have seen people mentioning it, especially on devrant, but I'd never actually investigated until today. Looks fascinating! I'll get it running on a VM to see how I like it. But my guess is that I will like it very much. This looks like the future.
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    I wish someone would write some software to help packaging shit for nixos. I tried looking at the rails guide and got so scared that I couldn’t go back to my computer for 1hour
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    @RememberMe Yeah, I think this might be one of the best things ever come to *nix world, but pain in the ass get up and running as well previous configuration.

    Perhaps I make this over complicated cause I would like to modularize my configuration because I would like to use this on multiple computers (nas, htpc, desktop and laptop) but don't want to use exactly same configuration on each.
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    Yeah, but for enterprise it makes a ton of sense. Just think: geo-redundant database endpoints that just replicate from the master; prod, dev, staging, test, breakfix servers; caching servers; storage nodes; auth servers; jump hosts and all the rest --all spun up without any datacenter automation beyond the built-in functionality of the operating system.

    This is the round hole that system automation tools like puppet, kube, salt, cobbler, chef, bladelogic, opsware, bigfix, and a mound of others try to hammer in with square pegs, but with native, seamless roundness.
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    @bahua that's true, for enterprises this is God send gift, for easy deployment. Second day at tinkering with this and I start to get hang of this, and see even more potential than initially I thought.
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    Fedora silverblue feels like it's way ahead of nixos on the flatpak/immutablefs front.

    Also, bigfix can be removed from that list now that they sold it to HCL. It's staticware now. Not that it was useful before.
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    @amatrelan For the beginning it might be a bit complex to build such a configuration, but nix(os) is such a powerful once you got the fundamentals. I use nixos in combination with home-manager, on 4 nixos machines and some other environments. If you want to dig in, have a look at my github page.

    The documentation is still the biggest flaw.. It's very hard to get started and build packages from scratch for the first time. But it's definitely worth it :)
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    @Gerschtli thanks! I will check them!
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