How do companies move forward with respect to a project? I know its mostly about fulfilling the demands of user and copying competition's features, but what amazes me is that some companies make some truly unthinkable moves and becomes a point of sensation.

For eg tiktok. Tiktok was just a musical video app at first , a ridiculous rip-off of dubsmash and other semi successful apps. But it kept improving its core while adding creative features and today its a hit . They fucking mixed games with videos,who would have thought?! Before tiktok, people were just trying to make video streaming professional and useful... Skype never thought of experimenting with games, and Google has always been terrible in social media area .

It might be just me lacking the taste of creativity.
Even Facebook is a little creative, but most of their creativeness seems to come with either copying or buying the competition. Like, today only what'sapp is something that looks a little different from the rest of their apps , and they are trying too hard to even make that part of their homogeneous media pack.

But seriously tho, is it the developers who think of crazy ideas? Or some completely irrelevant senior official with no knowledge of what is and isn't possible with current stacks? Where do they get the inspiration?

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    Fb tried music&games too. And before them, myspace. And before them, hi5. And before them, yahoo.
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    What you are looking for is design.
    Design is not about how something looks but how it works and feels.

    We’ve all got imagination and creativity as a child but as we grow older we loose that ability as there are so many sorrows that plague us like paying bills.
    Some designers so called creatives never grow up on the inside and keep their fantasy land in their minds evergreen. And if it‘s time to sell a idea for money (work) they go to their evergreen imagination and cut down an idea tree like the Lorax, and bring it to the real world.
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