There are 2 kind of programmer.

The first kind is the kind who love to create useful software/product, they would use the same tool/language/technique over and over again but focus on the use case. They end up having few really good softwares.

The later kind have more tendency about clean code. They are passionate about algorithms and design patterns. They can write a todo list app in 100 of different ways. They often pick up new technology, they rarely have something made coz they feel superior knowing different kinds of framework.

Which one is better software developer? Either one is better than the other, coz it's different pursuit. Like Thomas vs Tesla, we need these 2 kind of people in the industry.

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    This is spot on
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    These are two kinds of good programmers. There are at least two more kinds.

    Third, a programmer who just programs to make a living. He will try to do everything how he has learned already. Even if there are advances in the technologies he uses. He will only do the tasks he is given and not more.

    Fourth, a mixture of the first both kinds.

    I try to be the fourth kind.
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    @Yeah69 I've seen that 3rd kind. Not very often, but too often anyway. Last time I had one of those in a project, he got the boring CRUD assignments. Interesting stuff would be wasted on him anyway. Then the boss told me "Yeah, that's the sort of assignments he usually gets, and there's a reason for that".

    Once, I even met a C++ programmer who plain said "I refuse to learn new things". That was 8 years ago, so it was before C++11. Unless he's changed his mind, he probably works in the fast food or telemarketing industry today.
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