I'm a master of nothing. I have no specialty. I cannot focus on one thing and I always move on to something else. This gave me more perspective and made me a fast learner but until when? Pretty sure that as I reach a certain age, that wouldn't be the case anymore.

I have knowledge in many areas but I can't care enough to dig deeper. That amazes some people but I know I'm just a monkey fiddling with new stuff and getting them to work. This is why I avoid certifications. I hate them. Anything that forces me to sit down and dig deeper or follow a certain curriculum, I need to escape.

All I want is to learn new things, make something out of it, get my money, double my money, and then move on. Repeat.

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    @sweetnothings Well, I do have some extra food here and some game consoles. Why though?
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    I dig so deep there is nothing more there and when I want to create something new based on this knowledge they tell me to get the fuck out and find something else to do so I don’t know if it’s a good thing.
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    I'm like you, except I *want* to dig deeper, but every time I try I get completely lost and it's as if my brain shuts down and stops thinking. Or something comes up that forces me to focus elsewhere and any progress I had made until then gets lost, and next time I have to start over.

    I'm scared I might even fail to get my degree for this very reason - and I don't even have much time left before I get kicked out for taking too long.

    It's so fucking depressing, being able to see things that others don't, making connections that others didn't think about, and then failing to grasp even the most basic shit.

    Am I really that stupid, or am I just lost that badly?
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    @endor I want to dig deeper but in a sense that I want to use a lower level language and dive into hardware until I feel like I'm not just following a syntax. I guess what I meant by "can't care enough to dig deeper" is the functional part of the project or utilizing everything else that a language has to offer.

    I can relate though. Being interrupted mid-dig makes you lose all your progress. If it happens too often, it makes you doubt if it's even worth the effort if you will lose it again anyway.

    I think it's just lack of focus. I never mastered it so I can't provide any helpful advice. I just hope you manage to push through it and get your degree.
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    Isn't the saying "A jack of all trades and a master of none is better than a master of one"? Or am I not remembering that correctly....either way it sounds pretty good.
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    @jbrandona119 "...oftentimes better than master of one".

    I'm almost in the same boat except that I don't often change disciplines. Which means, I do get some semblance of mastery with some things.

    What's one step above a Jack? A Queen? A queen of some trades, master of none.

    Yep. That's me.
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    That's my story, that's my life and i dont know how to fix it
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    @endor Yo! I think we're in the same boat too if it comes to get a degree and trying to go deep. But eventually we get lost. Well I think that's because people like us are both stupid as well as lost.

    I want to add another thing here that this is the FUCKING FREE WORLD (FFW). So I don't give a shit about getting a Degree or a blow job.

    Sometimes I do really get depressed when I can't go deep, because along the way I might have lost the basics or might my mind was lost on something. And I think that is because it is so fucking hard to go deeper, it really hurts, it's just impossible for me, but when I look onto others I get depressed.

    And along the way I jumbled up everything! So: Fuck the Free World, don't give a shit for a Degree or a blow job! Because we're meant to be get lost.

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    So Fundamentally Hardware-Level problem for most of us!
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    @mash97 except my degree is in aerospace engineering, so if I try to even send them a resumee without having at least a basic degree they won't even read my application. They would laugh in my face.
    And rightly so, in my opinion.

    This is not programming, where anyone with a computer and an internet connection can learn the basics and take some shitty low-paying clients until they build a portfolio that attracts some attention.
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    @xoknyk psst word press devs suck
    Man you hung up on same shit lolz
    Who the fuck cares man just let that shit go.
    Everyone sucks at something don't mean you go on bullying them for it find some good outlet know get a hobby or something.
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    Certificates do not force you to dig deeper.
    Quite the opposite. Certificates force you to look at something from the most useless, broad and impractical point of view.
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