There are similarity in below statements:

Thomas edision was popularized that he invented lightbulbs but in fact Tesla's contribution at the back is the real breakthrough for the technology.

Steve job the inventor of Apple but without Wozniak Apple might wouldn't exist today.

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    You could say the same for Neil Armstrong...
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    Edison didn't invent the light bulb, he discovered that a tungsten filament made it last long enough to be useful.
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    It's likely Apple wouldn't have existed without either of them! The visionary and the engineer.
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    Don't forget Evolution who created the initial and genuine real apple fruit.
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    @spongessuck correction, he used a material that: long enough to be useful, cheap enough to profitable, and short enough to ensure that customers would eventually have to return and buy another light bulb.

    One of Teslas products lasted longer, which was part of the problem.
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    It's like backend vs frontend developer. Luckily (or not), I'm a fullstack dev. got more credits (and complaints) 😂
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    If Microsoft didn't existed, Apples first computers possibly didn't had functional programs. :p
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