1. So am just starting into the world of web development, and i don't know where to start. I have dabbled around a few spoon feeding tutorials teaching the basics of html, css js ,php but i find them too boring. It feels like i am trying to mug up a dictionary because i want to write English someday. Can you tell me a better approach or a tutorial where i can learn by making projects and learning the stuff that's being used? I would prefer free and only written content tutorials (with a few videos) but can spend $5-10 if its good?

2. What are some interesting career paths that could be taken up apart from being a web dev/full stack dev?

3. On an unrelated topic(for us citizens and others if they can relate) i recently came to know that US has not enforced a lockdown. What are your thoughts about it? Like here in India, our restrictions are slowly getting uplifted, but Shop owners are still wary of opening their businesses in fear of catching the virus. Their are even reports saying people catching coronavirus at hospitals.

I won't be wrong in saying this, but most of people here are seeing this virus as an endgame. So what's your thought process in regards to government's decision to let businesses run to boost economy ? I want to know you guys thoughts since America is at 10 million affected cases. When did the corona became a norm?

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