(disclaimer :late night rough thoughts)

Ugh... Why is life so tough? Iam so fucked up right now. I don't wanna learn new ugly ass js , fucking weird css and other web dev stuff... Why can't i always stay a neive android dev? Like , this framework is so huge, let me dedicate my life to it. At one point , i will be a master of it and then , i will sit back and relax. Any project coming under my way will be made quickly and conveniently. I might even take out time to develop a better personality and shape, enjoy my free time and be a good person.

But no. I have to learn cloud, i have to learn web dev ,i have to learn ai/ml, i have to learn every fucking fuck the client has to throw on me to sustain my life and earn some slutty money. I am a fucking bitch of client, my company and technology .

You all are too. Everyone is. tech is basically a high scale labour . The one who becomes good at a lot of things seems to go very high. I don't see a lawyer trying to learn different stuffs because they fear of being incompetent or getting less opportunities . Neither do doctors play swapsies . It would be foolish of a person to say "hey you are a vet. Here's some money and some docs, treat the lung cancer of this guy' .
Then why us?

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    I kinda like it though.
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    You might be in the wrong industry. There's no such thing as a single framework lasting a whole career. Insider tip: you don't have to learn them all, but be open to learning at least something new now and then! :)
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    That's been my life for 20+ years. Doesn't get any easier. Difference is I'm happy to have the opportunity to grow.
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    Getting paid for learning stuff you don't already know is a good situation
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    I get where u come from and have thought the same, learning new tech is inevitable but leaping from android to web to ML is just too much... pick one and learn the tech for that one thing alone it is way easier.

    if ur forced to do those leaps in ur company start applying elsewhere because this clearly is a case where the company is trying to have a team of devs that are worth one salary :)
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    @sleek I am not saying someone is forcing me directly. I am currently not even a fresher. I am just saying that its an indirect pressure to remain learning forever in life in this industry. There is not an option to like, settle for a stack and be well fed from that for the rest of your life. you got to learn different frameworks, stack , technologies , cloud,ai, etc to grow.

    And its a spaghetti everywhere. There is this broad umbrella that covers us all: That we are computer engineers. And that's what our employer sees: he hired a nerd who's good with big black computy machines. he can fiddle with it and do magic.

    No one knows or realises that the different approaches to different problems have grown so much that they no longer come in a single umbrella, they are all mini umbrella themselves.
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    java and native dev is very different than css/js . the work done by an ml engineer is way too different than the work done by a cloud architect.
    Yet you could be shown a shiny pink face of gandhi on a paper and asked to work on these stacks and you have to run towards that 'opportunity'
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    @2Large I totally agree, thats why i always planned on retiring from being a dev when i turn 30 by either becoming a lead of some kind that doesnt code or a product manager. I love what i do but as u said we cant keep learning shit from scratch a our lives. Im 23 now and have been deving for 3 yrs now, 7 years to go
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    You have widely different types of developers, just like you do in any industry. Some of us enjoy the fact that you can keep progressing, always learn something new, get better and broadening your skills - I am one of those. I spent 5 years in a job where I eventually stopped progressing, started losing interest and then decided to get the hell out of there. Within 6 months of my new job as a freelance consultant I had reignited the interest in learning, wastly improved my approach to any problem and this has now continued for over a decade.

    I feel sorry for those who are in this industry without the drive to keep learning. It must be very stressful.. (or those who are in this industry and feel pressured to learn it all - that's even worse!)
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