WRITE documentation. Fuck.

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    Nah fuck documentation. Use to brain to figure it out loser /s
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    In an ideal world, just a comment here and there would be enough documentation.
    But if the code is ugly, no amount of documentation can fix that.
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    You want me to document fucking for you? I'm pretty sure it's a learn on the job skill.
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    Documentation, one of the things I don't mind a computer replacing me to do.
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    Both please
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    "Its self explaining"
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    @C0D4 You'd be surprised
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    I named my method “getSomething” so now the proceeding 300 lines of complex regex validation, 30+ data mutations and syntax sugared unreadable validations need no explaining.
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    documentation. Fuck.
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    The code should be the documentation. It should always be clear what the function or class does by just looking at the name. Only places where comments should be are some complex algolrithms.
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    @hitzoR if the business rules don’t make sense or are overly complex, that will be mirrored in the code. It does not matter how clean it is when the rules it is based on are fucked to begin with
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