Hi! What do you guys think about this design? I have an assignment at UNI, but the coding is not really any challenging, and so I wanted to see how good I could make the GUI for the program.

It is only a "one-screen-program", you can load a input-file "Åpne fil", which is a labyrint, then you can click in the labyrinth, and it will show all paths leading out.

I think I am happy with the light theme, and the only difference in the dark theme is the buttons (bordered/filled), the buttons in the bottom right corner is currently disabled.

Do you have any suggestions of which to choose, or any other tips?

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    Nice! I prefer the bottom right one. Any reason as to why the labyrinth is stretched?

    PS. Är du Norsk?
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    I have been trying to fix it for a long time now, but we are required to use a given component that I am struggeling with making BOTH the cells square, and getting them to resize with the window...

    Ja det er jeg @ScriptCoded ☺️
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