firstly that i relate a lot with insecurities of a lot of people here.
And secondly That i don't know/like js and functional programming, and would be struggling a lot to get a good job.

I once had a choice to choose between trying out native android dev and web dev . I chose the former because i was convinced that i am pretty bad at java(and data structures)

I gave my heart and soul to it . People hate java for its verbosity, but i learned it, looked deep into it , started appreciating it and ended up being addicted to it.
Today, am good at android dev and java, and if given a chance i could spend my life in becoming the best dev in it. But lately i have been feeling a lot insecure about it.

Like recently i started web dev and that's a whole different environment, i am so uncomfortable in it .JS is like a cotton thread and java is like a wire of steel. html,cs and js can build up the whole world of internet, but android can only build a limited number of stuff and is trying to grow its powers.
I wanted to grow with it, but its industry seems to be very small and sharp (sharp as in people building stuff have already grown very knowledgeable and their is a fat chance for truely fresher jobs.) .

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    I also feel that web dev connects to alot of stuff that i can probably never get into, because 2nd para
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    my kudos to you actually. Native Android development is hard. Certainly more complex than web development. I believe that you might just need to find your niche area in web development and you will probably feel better about it. I know that all of web development feels like a hot mess. But it really doesn't need to be that complex. Most projects that you encounter in the wild need not be an entire architecture made up of complex frameworks and design patterns for example, you could start slow making simple static pages for customers, then move up to more dynamic backend heavy sites using something like Rails or just pure php.

    Functional programming takes a while to learn, even more so to learn properly and JS can be really complex since you need to get good with its quirks and pitfalls. But it is pretty doable :D chin up, you can probably do it if you put your mind into it.
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    @AleCx04 eh. I guess. My insecurities make me panic and try a lot of stuff. Since last 6 months i have been trying to get around the concepts of web dev and avoid js .
    Like , i tried to first make myself a website by google sites and blogger, which are completely no code. Then i tried mkdocs, which will generate a static site from markdown.
    Then i grabbed my head and banged against blocks of html and css tutorials, and got comfortable with making very minimal sites that just used html and bulma cdn css.
    Now recently i tried php and kinda liked it. Was able to make a basic backend with php and mysql and host on aws server .
    I guess i have to hold up my vomit and learn js eventually, because am almost blindly copying that jQuery code to connect button clicks with my backend
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    @2Large is it that you just don't like JS or you're kinda intimidated by it?
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    @AleCx04 maybe intimidated by it .in web dev, there are so less code braking errors nd even the buggy code works. Also everything is so loose in here : undefined no. Of browser versions which will al work differently and yet we gotta support them; a language that has got so much lots of braking differences in ots various versions and a hell lot of frameworks doing almost similar things
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