So we'll be using three main languages in the back-end now and I'm the only back-end developer.

On the bright side, my plan is happening on its own. Plan: https://devrant.com/rants/2437649/...

On the dark side, my ex (Java) is haunting me again and the years we spent apart makes me less confident about working with her again. Also, I still need to support my current girl (Python) even after my future arranged marriage with this other chick (Go).

So I am literally getting gangbanged by these three (my past, present, and future) and while that's pretty hot, here comes the anxiety. The only thing I'm thankful for right now is that these are inanimate objects, not creatures with faces that I want to punch in the face. Those tend to make my blood boil the most.

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    I've been always wondering, why do people choose several different languages for a project's backend?
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