my father asked for me to acompany him into a meeting with a marketing company

the guy was literally asking 5x my salary for a wordpress site, got scared when i asked for more expandability so that i could develop an API and was talking about increasing the value

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    Familiarity breeds contempt.
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    @SortOfTested Familiarity allows you to see things for what they are, and identify the crap as crap. Contempt is the only rational response to crap being pawned as quality goods.

    Familiarity only breeds contempt because the vast majority of things are crap, and people only disbelieve the deluge of salesmen and marketing if they know better -- and they usually don't.
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    I think I've lived the argument to this. I've consistently delivered value at various customers in the past, and built trust, but inevitably if I'm embedded for longer than about 6 months I'll wind up in the situation where a vendor, even sans a shiny tech demo gets more credibility because there's no history.

    You see it on the internet and with people around you all the time; the rando on the internet is more credible than the person I know, because I don't know them. The anonymous echo chamber carries more weight than the person that supports you all the time. It's a common psychological phenomena.

    People will ignore results, history, data and evidence when they're enamored with something new. That's what's generally meant there, the word familiarity is a quotable stand-in for intimacy.
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    @SortOfTested Ahh I see what you meant. Well, both are true.
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