Android devs who started with java : how much have you been comfortable with kotlin? What is your approach towards using new libraries : reading theire docs/code in java version and then implementing in kotlin yourself or are you comfortable in understanding there docs in kotlin itself?

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    I usually understand a code in java better. Maybe i am not that good with kotlin, but if i jave to use a new liberary , i would prefer reading its docs in java first.
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    I spent an hour groking the Kotlin-specific Lang conventions and was good to go.
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    Kotlin now? I don't mean to seem overly critical but it's really sounding like you need to take a step back and catch your head before it spins away. Understandable since your coming from a platform with only a handful of options but if you don't get a handle on it then your gonna end up like the lion that starves herself simply because she can't decide which zebra to catch.

    For the most part you have no wrong choice to make here and with any recommendation you happen to come across, your going to see ten ppl comment below it about why you should try "x" instead.

    This is usually all just opinionated bullshit. If a tool was created for a task then you will be able to use it for the task. Some may work a little better in certain areas, some may be little easier to understand, but that's all subjective to the person using them and until you settle down and try them out for yourself (for more than two days) your never really going to know which is which.
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    @SortOfTested you are a rock solid lady. I wonder how much time its gonna take me to be as perfect and bold in my life choices and decision making as yourself.♥️
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    @M1sf3t looks like someone is following my rants. This community is beautiful and caring , thankyou :)

    And about kotlin , welp, my brain is again going to panic in a few days but as of now, i had analyzed my curren6 situation as following :
    I am a basic android dev/fresher with no job , average marks, and aweful programming knowledge /web dev/everything else. I like Android dev but struggle to be a good dev because i have lack of knowledge of intermediate/expert skills in it. I also struggle to get into good interviews because of bad dsa.
    And probably that's why i end up with shitty offers/bad work environment/no jobs and eventually whining on devrant ( most of my previous rants are mostly this) and trying other areas
    So my gameplan is to get basic skills expected from an *android dev*, get better in dsa to crack interviews and occasionally make small projects in other stacks.

    Hope i could stick with it.
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    @2Large not exactly following you, I'm just on here way too much and couldn't help but notice. I had the same problem when I finally decided to see what all the framework buzz was about. I spent a couple of months reading reviews and getting opinions only to pick one I wound up hating. I made myself at least finish the course I was taking, which took about a month, but given the end result, the previous two months would've been better spent trying out a couple of the others that I was debating on.
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