I never understood why people needed terabytes of storage until I started shopping for games on Steam. Maybe computer games in general.

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    I can't believe all the old games I used to play are here, some of them free.
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    Does not mention humble bundle... nope I wouldn't do that to our @rutee07 😇
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    Can I plug GOG.com? DRM-free stuff, great company (it's run by CD Projekt), good games, they focus more on older and indie stuff though.
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    Yeah, games and movies/series will take all your space, if you never clean out.
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    @C0D4 @RememberMe Thank you, papis. Now I can download hentai games in VR.
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    @Frederick Are you accusing me of being the Pornhub data center?!
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    The only reason I joined steam
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    Btw one of my friends own like 9K games, imagine all the space it would require to have them all installed at once.
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    @rutee07 Since you seems pretty new in all that and I wouldn't want to hurt you during your first time, I'll stay as polite as possible: the game Cyberpunk 2077 will allow you to customise the genitals of your character (we're talking more than just a don't slider).

    You're welcome :D
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    count me in, I can not resist the click to download a game, that takes up 10-20 GB instantly. Having 3-4 games will fill up the hard disk.
    But Steam games and Free games are love. I used to play lately on Steam., on my Ubuntu Machine.
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    I have one 500Gb HD for games, I can barely fit half a dozen on it..

    I worked out once, how long it would take me to install all the games I own, at least a year !

    No idea how much space that would need...

    Since it is now taking longer and longer to install a game, I'm tempted sometimes just to watch someone else play it on YouTube instead of going to all the hassle of actually playing it myself !
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    @Jilano But you can do that in real life too. Mine looks like a crab. The arms clutch the head of my lovers so they stay between my legs then my dick elongates so it can travel from her mouth and out of her ass then the tip's hole expands to take in the cock of the guy behind her.
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    @Nanos Watching people play is what I do most of the time. At least so I can get a hint of whether the game is worth my precious space. Maybe having 2-3 installed is enough for me but it's tempting to look back in the days when you have shelves of game cartridges.
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    @rutee07 Maybe, but now you can do it in game too!
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    I find I really need to experience the game myself to fully appreciate it.

    It is rare to watch someone play and see all the faults with a game included !

    I find, most games I play, suck..

    At least in some areas.

    Some are so sucky, you can't play them !

    How many times must I relog in game X before it actually fully loads, grrrrr !

    Or one game, whose name escapes me sadly.. after I uninstalled it, trashed my OS !

    But videos are good for getting somewhat of an idea about a game that saves me buying it, trying to install it, playing it..

    Oh, playing it..

    Another big issue !

    You can watch a game played by a god whose levelled up their character with a dozen accounts over a decade.

    Doesn't quite match your experience after playing for 2 weeks..




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