20k+ photos of my kids and basically all my life is trapped in iCloud Photo Library. No more iDevice available.

How stupid was I to think I would be safe once everything is online ?

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    Can't you just login via pc?
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    @melezorus34 Downloading originals with the iCloud PC client always freezes. Download size is like 12G or something like this.

    Currently trying some Hackintosh stuff.
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    @SortOfTested The library being proprietary, I was scared of having Dropbox client or such temper with the files.

    Anyway, if I get them back, I will switch to Shotwell with metadata written into exif tags and local+cloud backup.
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    I'm pretty oldschool, my most trustworthy backup is printing my most important photos twice a year or so. Where I live, printing is very cheap, like 0.07€ per photo. And it's always nice to have a box with real photos you can look at rather than staring at them on a screen.
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    Apple. You deliberately created your storage in the most proprietary system in existence. And you are surprised ?

    Use ANYthing else, literally, anything and you won’t have this problem.
    Dropbox, OneDrive,Google drive etcetc. They all works on most of devices/os.
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    @NoToJavaScript I thought I will always use Apple... Young and naive...

    I should have take actions when I understood the things were less and less affordable...
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    @PublicByte No. Just the price increases.
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    @lanfiro I would probably freeze to downloading 12gigs at once. Main reason my old macbook stays so out of date. You can't break it down into smaller chunks?
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    Except azure. Because iCloud is azure under the hood 😆
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    That's the apple stule to lock you in their own ecosystem, you must have an ithing and pay the apple tax to use it

    @SortOfTested what does it even mean?
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    It was a book by Steven king, later adapted into movies.
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    I've just ed signed up for backblaze to upload my pictures to.
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    @SortOfTested False.

    There is even Linux client for OneDrive for example.
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    Not what I said ;)
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    All right, I finally managed to download my library, which actually was 80G thanks to Apple HEIC mini videos embeded with every photo (they call this "live photos").

    I now need to trim the amount by removing duplicates and HEIC videos and I can find another workflow.

    I am thinking :
    ~/OneDrive/Pictures/YYYYMMDD-Event/*.jpg for the sets
    ~/OneDrive/Pictures/Camera Roll for day to day pics synced from my phone with the OneDrive app

    and finally ~/OneDrive/Pictures/ synced to Google Photos.

    That way I keep files out of a "Library" so easily backupable and not trapped into any echosystem.

    What do you think ?
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    @lanfiro if it works for you looks fine, I don't create event folders anymore, I just use onedrive albums, but it's just my way :)

    good job, you finally got wird of apple walled gardent
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