Facebook is really annoying !

YouTube is really annoying !

What do they have in common you ask..

Reading messages..

1,000 messages in one thread, someone makes a new comment, can you find it easily, can you fuck !

Facebook sends me a nice little notification, sometimes, and I don't know why, just sometimes, you follow it and it dumps you in the right place, where someone's comment actually is.

Other times, it just dumps you at the beginning of the thread, and then its up to you to open every little sub thread up to find where someone might have replied to one of your messages.

This obviously gets more time consuming the longer the thread is..

Did someone actually design this to be as shit as this, or has no one ever seen it done better !

It drives me a little potty.

It's no use, I'll have to make something better, since no one else is !

It reminds me a little of devRant, when someone likes your comment, but which comment did they like !

I don't even get me started on red flags..

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    Who reads YouTube comments?
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    I often find they are the best bits !

    Folk talk about what errors was in the information given by the video, and lots of related links and information is provided by others.

    I want a quick way to scan through all the comments looking for the useful gems, and skip past the "me2 its rubbish" comments..
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    @Root I don't think even the one posting are reading them
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    I've had the same problem, but since I've deleted my Facebook account, life has become less frustrating. No more pretentious cunts, no more spying from a friends' girlfriend who must know everything about everyone.
    YouTube keeps showing me from time to timebthat I am unsubscribed eventhough I clearly receive notifications from the channel.
    It all turns to shit.
    Where do they hire such botcher programmers? Probably all Starbuck Hipsters right out of college typing on their non-ergonomic mac books.
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    Without Facebook I find life even more frustrating !

    I do find I'm using it less and less though,slowly replacing it here and there.

    Of course, if you don't log in for a week, there are 5,000 notifications, and the one interesting one could be buried at position 4,999...

    Actually, in another Facebook clone, I have nearly 1 million notifications to catch up on..

    At least those have red flags !

    But it can take me several years to catch up..

    By which time, sometimes the poster has died !

    Which isn't always a bad thing. :-)
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    Oh, I thought I was back in 2008 when I Read about someone complaining about Facebook, I Did not know that people still used it seriously
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    I try to use it seriously, but its like trying to use a MMORPG with no proper mail system, and having to kludge ( Repurpose. ) together your own out of what system resources exist.

    I'm not sure its changed for the better since 2008..

    Talking of which, and devRant, I can't see the post I'm replying to when I'm typing out a reply !

    And I've a tiny 10% of screen window to do it in too..

    I see we have come a long way since AOL..
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    I'm reminded of another Facebook like system I'm on.

    There they have a long long list of rules, such as, U can't discuss politics, or religion, or..

    Well, U might B able 2 discuss the weather if you R lucky !

    Oh and URL's, U can post them, but they don't link..

    So U have to copy them out and paste them in your browser !

    That's worse than another site where URL's do link, except when they are broken across more than one line of text, and then you have to highlight the text and click "surf link" for them to work..

    I mean, its only been 20 years, and no ones fixed that bug..

    On the plus side, the application is now open source, so someone else could fix it !

    Just there are so many bugs and poor design choices, it might be better 2 start from scratch instead 4 the most part..

    I just wanna click on a URL man !

    (There should be a song called like..)

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    I notice I need a bigger brick on top of my sound system to make it work..

    (The connectors are lose..)

    Bricks can also be used to fix CRT monitors too by placing them on top. :-)
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