I was pondering how to help the poor, in particular the poor at the very bottom, who also want to start a business.

Since businesses create wealth, and that's a good thing..

Doing so, enables them to help others get jobs, so helping more of the poor who don't want to start businesses..

Whilst it would be nice for the government to help, my government at least, only helps those who are not relatively speaking, that poor..

Then I thought occurred to me, what about a charity.

But charities cost money to run..

And what if no one donates..

Then another thought occurred to me, what about an investment fund ?

It risks helping poor folk with money in exchange for say, 50% of their profits, if they make any !

Said investment fund would also help the startups with advice / guidance /etc.

Thoughts ?

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    Im gonna get hate for this, but giving poor people money will lead to them wasting it 99% of the time, not exactly a surefire investment.
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    Unless you give it to the 1%. :-)
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    @Nanos if you figure out how to detect the 1%, youll be the richest man alive
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    Whilst I'm somewhat a fan of Universal Basic Income, that does require governments to act, and we all know that can take decades..

    So I pondered, what could I possibly do.

    I recently joined:


    Where my few dollars a month is going towards someone poor who is trying to better their lives and others.

    They have, a limited vision, but they have a good heart, and there isn't anyone with a better plan that I'm aware of to throw money at !

    I gave them some wisdom and advice, which for the most part they don't wish to follow, since it isn't their direction.

    As such, I think their impact will be small on the world, and at least hopefully create a nice spot for them and their neighbours.

    But it could be so much more.

    Maybe there are others, with grander visions, just waiting for someone to help them, if only we knew who they was..

    For that, we need a better Facebook !

    And money to throw at the problem :-)
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    Well, I can more easily spot the 99% :-)

    Actually, I think the figure is more 8% than 1%..

    Doesn't mean their business is going to succeed, even with the best of advice, and a bit of money.

    But at least if enough folk try, some will succeed, and their successes can help bankroll everyone else, with the result that the improvements in the world from their businesses, will add to our collective wealth, in more ways than just money.
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    If there is any money left over, it could go towards building low cost housing, power stations for free electricity, and other such improvements for the very poor who don't want to start a business, but just want a place to live and a job at one of the new businesses..
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