Is it just me ?

Giving W10 a shot, I find it to be the poorest experience ever. WiFi not stable, half the system looks unfinished, photo app workflow as obscure as all the rest...

On the other end, macOS is as closed as it can be, keeps your data locked in the ecosystem to force you to buy another over expensive piece of hardware.

Linux is spread over 3000 distros, everyone trying to do stuff their way, no matter the standards or anything. Ubuntu pushing snaps event when you don't want them.

I guess I'll go back to Debian for my daily driver but I am wondering.

Is it just me ? Or is actually every company doing shit ?

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    Windows specializes at pre-installed stuff. They want it "to just work" and they sacrifice a lot for it. I mean, you can get it to work, but I wouldn't recommend it performance-wise.

    MacOS isn't too bad, but really not worth the price tag. Oh, and it also has the same issue as windows: out of box, it works good.

    Linux... You summed it up well. If some company would do pre-installed of a pretty looking version, it would probably go well for them.

    I think we're moving towards an all "Android vs iOS" world tbh. Like, ordinary people even find windows confusing despite having worked with it for a bijillion years. Ofc, if you could make some OS that could bridge between Mac and Linux, you'd have a winner. But it should be as manageable for offices as windows.

    You know, I do like to have choices. But these choices are really not between good and better which does piss me off. Like, the companies could try a little harder. Just a little. But they don't.
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    As a super user since forever, it pisses me off how they hide the actual settings further and further from reach and reason.

    As a dev user and daily driver, I think the system works fine and does what I need it to, as long as you - you guessed it - don't rely on standard apps. I'll use the built in photo app just as soon as I use notepad over notepad++ or cutting tool over greenshot or edge over chrome - not fucking happening.
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    @ArcaneEye To this day I don't understand why having fewer settings is considered good design.
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    @Lor-inc and we're not alone, there are dozens of us, dozens I say!
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    There must be a mid point.
    As a daily user of my computer for standard tasks, I am ok with the OS taking decisions for me and hiding settings.

    On the other end, when power using it (for coding for example) this should no get in my way and should have total control of my computer.

    Settings hidden for Grandma, OK
    Settings hardcoded, NOK
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    @lanfiro having smart defaults and strong automation is one thing. Hiding the settings and overriding them on every update is another.
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