I don’t know if I’d call this procrastinating, but I remember finishing 12-15 weeks worth of work in approximately 30 days. The thing is, I was given the assignment 30 days before it was due. So it looked and felt like procrastination but it was more like turn and burn baby.

I was in te office for 15-16 hours a day including weekends for the entire month. Got to the point where the waitresses at the local ramen joints would have my order ready to go when I walked in for dinner every night

Wasn’t the first time and won’t be the last, but luckily it isn’t like this 365 days a year.

I forgot to mention, I did accomplish the mission, mere hours before it was due. It felt like getting a rocket into the Death Star’s exhaust port with your targeting computer turned off. The final branch that I developed was 4 MB, roughly 125,000 lines of code, many of which were modifications to existing stuff and not new from the ground up. It took three months for people to review it and merge it to mainline but luckily our customers were happy to build from source and deal with it.

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