I don't want to do anything. Maybe I'll sleep, pretend that my task is harder than it really is, and conveniently forget that I have a meeting. Last week was spent debugging issues that either turn out to be a non-backend issue or is a backend issue but from someone else's code.

The feeling of time being wasted doesn't make me want to make up for them. It makes me want to take a break instead, lie low, and see if I can really start working on the new tasks before some random shit blows up into my face.

I am exhausted. I just want to melt into my sofa.

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    Have you tried adopting a cat so you guys/gals can melt together?
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    @melezorus34 I did, now she reminds me to stop working every 25 minutes or so
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    @galileopy Hey, a cat's gotta consume food and love, you know.
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    @galileopy Long time no see.
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    Gosh, I totally wasted time last 3 weeks, that's ridiculous. Can't find that switch in me to "MAKE THINGS WORK". I'm like MySQL process with 50 deadlocks right now :'( Sorry that you see me crying, just feel ya bro
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