God when i get a job to do on some custom PHP project, i just want to kill myself because i can't see any design pattern, everything is just thrown around for you to find out what goes where, its fucking annoying. Geniuenly makes me depressed, its like one php file is model, controller and view at the same time. Good thing is that we are in quarantine now and we're working from home, atleast i can play some games and pretend that i am working.

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    I feel the pain. I am trying to phase out some of the old php projects that exist at my institution from before most of us even got here on account of how fucking horrible they all are. Doing maintenance on such apps just demotivates people to do anything really, and I can really see why people hate php just based on those types of projects, spaghetti code to the max and horrible horrible practices just make for hell on earth.

    I still love php though, just understand why so many others hate it because of the bad "developers"
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    @AleCx04 eah, like i fucking love laravel but what the fuck are these projects
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