FML, I accidentally brought down the company network today. I was setting up bridge interface of mirrored port to fiber port for traffic analysis. Accidentally bridged the mirror port to the port connected to the switch.
It created a traffic forward loop and brought down the whole network while everyone is working remotely.

Luckily there was someone at the office who could help me reboot the server. Or else I would have to go down the server room at this late hour and reboot.

This kind of cases made me wish there's a backup link. Usually I go to fix network issues on remote console port of servers, but this time, the gateway went down, no way to fix remotely anymore.

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    What makes you think a backup would be enough? You or someone else could always fuck the backup up as well.
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    @molaram With a backup there's always the option to stop messing around until primary is up again.
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    @Lor-inc you’re right mate. But i was just trying to fuck with him
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    Guess that is why we call you zerouplink
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    @molaram well backup should not be fucked with, until the primary go down of course haha. Although there's a chance one could fucked up both.

    @hjk101 lol now my username makes sense.
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