And just like that google pushed a change to subscription service that basically now sends purchaseList even when a user is not subscribed.

And what that fucking means is that now all my users (1.3k+) enjoy free fucking premium without paying a cent!!!!

Fuck u google...
My rage is so high I cannot process it...

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    The problem is not only that I am not going to get paid for my work.

    The problem is that now when I issue a fix, a lot of users who now feel entitled to the new 'free' features will rate low basically killing the app.

    What have I done!
    I wished I never got into this.
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    Fix it really fast before anyone notices

    Or push a message to all users that they will enjoy a 7 day trial of premium features...
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    @eval genius idea with the 7 day trial. call it something along "corona friendship bonus trial" or something.

    get help from a marketing guy to turn this situation in an advantage.
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    @eval Thanks, thats a good idea! I am not thinking straight at the moment, will have to do this.
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    Update 1:

    Issued push notification. This corona virus better save the day!

    @eval You really knocked me into sense, Thank you!
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    @sudocode do you have strategy on how to turn this into paying customers?
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    Yeah let's blame google because you just assumed purchaseList contains the actual subscription, thinking "users can only buy one subscription, no need to check the details" At least accept your part of responsibility ffs.
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    @heyheni Yes, as @eval suggested, I have pitched this as a free premium experience in push notification, after which I will be adding a reduced introductory price for first 3 months. This is what I have planned. Changes have to be made and pushed still.

    @hitko Yes I am at fault. There's still more to all of this madness.

    *opens another redbull*
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    @sudocode mind sharing what app (i understand if not, just curious)
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    @eval Its an app that does on device audio processing, Cant reveal more :)


    And just like that, play store now sends an empty list of purchases. I guess someone at google is having a hard time working from home.

    Glad I am in control now. Haven't slept. Must sleep.
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