I've started working as a junior software dev. 2 months ago at a small company.

• I'm getting paid way less then jr. devs are getting paid in my country (Jr. devs are getting paid at least 1150 euros in my area and I'm getting a little bit less than 700 euros.);
• I get calls from my boss at the weekend in the morning to talk about job-related activities (he lives in a different country with another timezone, but it's quite disrespectful);
• Moreover, because of the coronavirus and the quarantine, he asked me to bring one of my senior colleagues to my apartment to work with him, because we are not able to work from the office;
• I have to make UI for their products, as I have previous experience in that area, but not because I want to do it;
• They use Angular.js.

I understand, that I'm junior dev and have to prove my worth to the company, but shouldn't I ask for a raise? How should I tackle this?

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    forget about the raise, do this for at least a half a year then quit and say it was an internship when applying to the next job.
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    @heyheni lol, arguments?
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    You should keep an eye out for a new job, in my less than humble opinion.

    You're underpaid, your boss doesn't respect your free time (Unless you're someone who lives and breaths code, you will burnout hard and fast if you don't have a solid separation of work and not-work), and he doesn't seem to care about your health and safety (having another dev work from your place during a pandemic).

    However, to answer your original question, yes you are being drastically underpaid.
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    @yehaaw because i guess you were hired because you're cheap. And now you get treated cheap too. You usually can successfuly request a raise after a year. But do you really want to be treated like this for a year?
    So the easiest way to raise your salary is by switching jobs.
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    @OmgItBurns How long should I wait until I switch? It will look bad on my curriculum vitae, if I change my work place too soon - will look as if I'm not able to keep a job, right?
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    @yehaaw not of you sell it as an internship. You've gained more experience at your half year "internship" and so you're more worth now even though your skill level didn't improve much, So you can ask for a higher price.
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    1.: Why did you agree to it back then? A contract is two directional - the question sounds bad in retrospective, but answering may prevent you doing the same again.
    Now that you did agree to do this, you cannot simply ask for a raise after such a short time (you negotiate it before accepting, not after; you won't much acceptance for doing it now)
    2.: Calling on weekends is just disrespectful, if not illegal. Can you block the number on weekends or not answer the calls for a few weeks (you can actually train your boss that he cannot an answer if he calls you)? alternatively calculate overtime for whatever you (together with a Sunday bonus if it exists in your country).
    3.: The idea to not go to office is to not meet with colleagues... so he basically suggests to not follow rules preventing you to go to office (just differently written).
    I find this at least... questionable, if not illegal depending at your laws. Reject his ideas about this.
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    Just so there's no confusion, Angular has no correlation with cheap. We use angular extensively and pay above market for the UK.

    Your employer is just a tool.
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    > It will look bad on my curriculum vitae, if I change my work place too soon

    Not necessarily. Especially for a junior who's still "finding their own ways". Though you will get asked about it, so have a good (and still honest) answer ready.

    "I left rather soon because the company culture just wasn't for me. That's also why I'm very interested in talking with you about X" would be a perfectly valid starting point, for example.
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    @SortOfTested It was joke (:
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    @sbiewald Young and dumb
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    @yehaaw not if its because you know that you were being underpaid and overworked. That's reason enough into quit. Whether we like it or not, we aren't being validated when we're being underpaid. Personally, I'd recommend a raise in line with what you should be earning- if you've worked there longer than 3 months and do enjoy the work. Otherwise, you have nothing but admirable reasons to part ways with the company. I wouldn't imagine you'd be looked down upon too harshly. Provided you stuck with it long enough
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    Your coworker is going to your house to work from there!? so you are providing office space and risking him having covid and infection you!? I would ask for some kind of compensation. but its easy to say and hard to do. 🤗

    office space has costs. risking infection too.
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    @yehaaw I've gotta agree with the internship angle or claim it was a contract gig and the contract expired. If you were just looking for an out 2 years would look best on your resume, which doesn't sound like a good option.
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    I agree conditions (and costs) are cheaper in most of the newer EU countries. But €700? Come on! That is half my rent… I wouldn't get out of bed for that kind of money.
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