I want to tell a Github user that he is lazy at maintaining repos. He isn't reviewing my 4 open PRs. I'm so much interested in this one project of his. Make me an official contributor to this project and I'll take good care of it.
How can I say that in good words? So it doesn't sound like maniac.

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    Anyway, isn't it good to have more than one contributors? Imagine if there's only one and he has a lot of cool projects and unfortunately dies? What happens to those repos? Do we have inherited property in Github?
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    Bro you are talking about a 4 year old abandonware repo, at this point just fork it.
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    Fork it like you mean it
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    Fork it good, fork it hard, fork it like it's dinner time!
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    @kindawonderful Bus factor.

    (read it up, can be very important sometimes).

    Reason why forking isn't the optimal solution, too. As u then have two projects with a bus factor of 1 xD

    I'd try to contact the author and just write a nice message
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    Message and ask to become a contributor, or fork it and then ask to be detached from the upstream repo.
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    @AlmondSauce Do you know how to message? I mean Github doesn't provide messaging system. Would mailing be fine?
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    @IntrusionCM Thanks for sharing this. it's an interesting topic.
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    @kindawonderful mailing would be fine
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