Made my first JS class yesterday.
I had not written a single line of code for the last 5 years. I had forgotten how satisfactory it is when it does exactly what it is supposed to do.

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    I know, right?
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    The best being that it is most likely completely useless.
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    @lanfiro yeah I tood that myself but I'm reusing code now!
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    It's quite the feeling. I just started learning code and I'm making a chess game from scratch as a learning exercise. When I finished everything that I needed to show the board, keep track of the pieces and the states they can be in and implemented just the rules for pawns I was ecstatic. It's a huge mess because I'm a noob and it's all sequential, no OOP but... Joy man, joy!
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    Dont think that it will *always* do what it is supposed to do. :D
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    @eisenhiem if it's simple enough, it will.
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    Oh my I want to frame this post 🙊
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