I hate it when it turns out my bug was in my local environment. Database charset reverted to Swedish... That's why you develop international ready even if you're not in the US my dear Swedish mysql developers

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    åh? 😮
    äh... 😳
    öhm... 🥺

    okay sorry 😭
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    At amazon, there was a super refreshing mandate handed down from on high:

    - Utf-8 all the things.
    - all services must support https
    - all services must support json as a primary data format
    - you have 4 months to make it happen
    - failure to comply will result in termination

    This was part of the rationale for that.
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    @SortOfTested Termination? That's harsh. I like it.
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    Anything less and people treat it as optional.
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