I can't believe everything is working fine with Just 0 and 1.

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    The bit I cant believe (unintended pun) is quantum tunneling. That's how non-volatile flash memory works.
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    It doesn't work fine at all. Look at all the CVEs. Not all of them are "could not happen without C(++)".
    And then there are the massive amounts of ransomware infections. And there, again, not all of them are "could not happen without Windows+AD+Outlook".

    In this world almost nothing works fine when it comes to IT.
    But somehow, humans still get things done (and the environment terraformed to being hostile for humans, but that is another story) despite all the bugs and fails.
    The fault tolerance of the humans and humanity keeps surprising me over and over again.
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    but there are some glitches in the matrix.
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