My Ass Is Haunted By The Handsome Ghost Of My Unsaved Data After A Computer Crash

Nermo is a digital artist, creating beautiful images on his computer and then printing them out in glorious, high-quality pieces at his art studio. Unfortunately, when Nermo’s computer hard drive crashes he quickly discovers the only thing more important than creating these gorgeous artworks is remembering to back them up. Now, with three years of work down the drain, Nermo has to rebuild.

Turning his tragedy into fuel, Nermo stays late at the studio working, but when the ghostly spirit of his deleted files arrives, Nermo suddenly realizes that maybe all is not lost. Remembering vast amounts of information can be carried within a single drop of sperm, Nermo and the spectral manifestation decide the best way to back up this ghostly data is by blowing it into Nermo’s tight ass.

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    What the fuck is it with you and computer erotica.
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    Sorry that I have to disappoint you, but your brain cannot be reached by sperma in your ass.

    And no, a bukkake fest isn't helpful either.

    Nor fucking the ear.

    Blood brain barrier.
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    @sweetnothings nope, I'm not u
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    @sweetnothings that was in the title of the book.
    just copy pasted the summary. not me, it's the book.
    also, i'm sentencing u to become a yeti in ur next life
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    @--------------- .....what in the unholy name of Python?!
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    @sweetnothings well, in that case, I sentence u to become a unicorn in ur next life with lots of money and a roadster
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