I'm working on a company which monitors every click on browser and files.
Is there a way to fool that monitoring bastard?
For example I was accessing A but it couldn't notice and logged B.? Something like a proxy?

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    Study what data it sends, kill it, and run your fake monitor to send fake data

    Or just do you work stuff and stop bothering who/what monitors you
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    Move to an country that respects worker rights?
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    Are you working in finance?
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    Nop, I'm a developer.
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    Burp suite to get the data that is sent?
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    My question is why do you need to trick it? Are you planning on doing something that would cause you to be reprimanded? If not then I would just not care and go on with working like a baseline good employee would. If you are then I question your morals.
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    If I were you I would quit. If my employer cannot trust me, I don't stay. They need me more than I need them anyways.

    That being said, a fake code is probably a good idea. Another would be to send input programmatically to the OS.
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    @Puddinglord I developed 6 big utilities to help me and my team. But now I realised that it is just being rotten alone. No one is using it. I just want to make it open source in future, so that people who needs it can use it. I know it's a bit shitty idea, but I can't see my utilities being wasted.
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    @Puddinglord this is shitty “if you nothing to hide...” argument all over.
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    Fake it till you make it.

    And by last "it" I mean "find another company".
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