Nike swim club lol

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    183bpm wow
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    @kescherRant I usually have like 200bpm by the end of the run. I weigh more than 90kg while 175cm high. I’m fighting insulin resistance and desperately need to lose weight so I try to run hard :)
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    @uyouthe Good job
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    You want your HR to be around 70% of your max HR to lose weight. Depends on your age, 220 - age is MHR. Pushing too hard for a shortish run isn't as good as a steady 70% 30 Mins run.
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    @uyouthe the runners high is the best. dont have to run like crazy. just get in a couple laps, good ten minutes, get that blood pumping yo.

    just got done running a half hour or so ago. feels good.
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