I have a colleague who always nit picks on every merge request and never leave a positive comment. Sometimes he makes a comment just for the sake of it. These days when I see a comment on a merge request by him, I have an instant bitter feeling seeping in. 😵😵😵😵. Getting reviews is unnecessarily frustrating because of this. If there is a variable naming suggestion, he would comment in on every place the variable is used. Isn't noting once enough?!! People should learn how to nicely add review comments.

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    I am not a pro dev, but I experience the same. A colleague of mine is always looking at every incident ticket made by the others or any email sent to customers. And if he finds something wrong, he never says so to the originator, nor the manager (hopefully) he just goes see his close colleagues/friends saying : "did you see last ticket by xxx, this guy sucks blablabla".

    If I may suggest you my way of handling it.

    Just accept it. He won't change and nobody is perfect. Also this kind of behaviour can hide deep trouble and deep suffering from him you may have no idea of. Most likely some kind of complex that lead him to show all over the place how "smarter than everybody else" he is. This may come from his childhood, maybe he was underminded by his parents and nobody knows.

    So bear the cross bro, accept it. After all we are all human, nobody's flawless.

    We all are someone's else idiot.
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