Fuck the overhyping of python. Its barely a real language, since you can import basically all of it. The syntax is annoying, the programs aren't scalable, and honestly, there's probably a language out there that can do what your python program can.

I'm not saying that Python isn't useful, it's great for small sidescripts and machine learning, but stop acting like it's a replacement for every other language out there.

Python is not the single greatest advancement in programming. Stop acting like it is

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    "Yeah, couldn't agree more! Now JS on the other hand..."
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    Agreed, instead, python is the greatest advancement in the history of mankind.
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    Introspection, Idiomatic, Comprehensions

    Introspection: code written in Python has no black boxes. (obviously this excludes C libraries, but meh, powerful tool)

    Idiomatic: basically, push the code to the C. If you are not doing this then you are writing shitty code.

    Comprehensions: reducing variables and removing mutation makes for some really robust code.

    Epic one liners that are actually readable!
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    What do you mean its "barely a real language"?
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    My biggest issue with python is that the AST is so fucked up, they phisically cannot add more language concepts and they have to resort to some black magic nonstandard syntax like map(list, fn) or [i for i in ...]
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    About time someone spared 2 mins to type that!
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    Eh. It may be overhyped, but it has a lot of good features. Even with its many blemishes, I haven't found anything I like better for data science and ML. It's strengths play to experimenting in a way a lot of other popular languages just don't support.
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    "It's barely a language since you can import all of it."

    Well, TIL a well developed library ecosystem diminishes the validity of a language. I've been looking at this the wrong way this whole time, focusing on irrelevant stuff like Turing completeness and access to system libs :o
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    OP how long have u been struggling with the current indent error?
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    @LuckierDodge >i havent found anything

    How long have you been searching, 7 seconds? Scala does both of those way better.
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    @yellow-dog can't say I've used Scala. Might be worth a look.
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