How to create an installer according to ST microelectronics.

Display the entire license agreement using more.

At the end of this massive license agreement there is a y/n "do you accept". If you press any key other than y you have to start over.

So you have to slowly press enter for 5 minutes so you don't miss the confirmation which you will inevitably do multiple times anyway.

Also make this the last step in the installation so you have to waste time and bandwidth redownloading everything.

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    Afterwards, you get to the bloated and crappy SW that ST provides with the HAL. You find out that the Hardware Abstraction Layer doesn't actually abstract the hardware.

    Instead, it basically gives you structs instead of register mapping, and you still have to go through the chip manual for finding out what this stuff is even supposed to do.

    You ask yourself what the point is, and realise that while it doesn't abstract anything, it sure as hell creates a vendor lock-in.
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    Not saying ST are the best but compared with other shit I’ve seen on the market (yeah I mean chinks too ofc) they are light years ahead.
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    @molaram At least, they document their stuff nicely so that even coding from scratch works.
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    @Fast-Nop right you are sir
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    Ah the ultimate paradox, given that we are actually supposed to read things we agree to.
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    @Fast-Nop that is such an accurate description
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