So, I love the place I am currently working at. Using all the latest cutting edge tech. Startup. Best work culture. Good learning and growth. But financially, it pays just the average or just a little above average. It's been more than 3 years working as a software developer. Now, an investment banking firm is offering me really good money, going to work amongst some brightest minds. Project is little different, not a web development per se. I am now very very confused, if I should go for something that pays, or stay at my place. Has anyone ever made such calls in their career? Did sacrificing money help in longer run?

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    guess it all boils down to how much money you're talking about.

    everything and everyone in this world have a price tag.
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    Can't buy a nicer house with office culture.

    If the money difference is enough to have you thinking about it, your already half way there.
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    @molaram can't quite get you. It would be a really good upgrade from my current financial status.
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    @NeedABreak exactly so is the money difference enough to buy you off that place or not? Seems to boil down to that
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    No, it doesn't
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    @NeedABreak then that's your answer isn't it?
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