just having a small thought. I am a very beginner to the world of javascript and web dev. I am currently learning vanilla js, but out of curiousity, i checked out an article on those "professional frameworks" : Angular, react and vue.

The article mainly summarised as follows :
- react is a very lean library but does not provide a lot of features out of the box.
- angular is a very powerful framework which works with typescript and provides a lot of functionalities like routes(?), pwas(?) from within .
- vue is a kind of mix which tries to provide as much features as angular, but uses plain js

From those descriptions, i felt like angular is the best and the worst for me at the same time.

I appreaciated detailed, multi functional environments like that of java language and Android OS because google provides strong support and ensures the apis work while enforcing the best practices through their architectures (Like MVVM. I am currently a college student and i don't think i would have ever implemented a scalable app before joining a company, if i was not exposed to a practise like mvvm)

But at the same time it is taking out all the self learning part by providing a complete environment and making us kind of just 3rd party users trying to fix 2 wires provided by them.
I mean google itself might not hire a dev who just worked on angular their whole life, right? They know that the guy knows only the stuff *they* provided to him, nothing more. I bet they would themselves want a react person who came with his own implementation of single page app without depending on a framework.

What do you guys think? Am I passing the judgement too soon? I don't know much of these big stuff, just saw that article and related it to my past experience.
Do you prefer react/reactnative for your webapps or angular /vue ?and what the hell is rxJS?

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    Cannot talk much about JS...

    But regarding your statement about frameworks.... You should learn about the insides of frameworks.

    If you don't understand everything, that's fine.... Noone does. Not even the inventors / creator of the framework.

    The value of a programmer lies in his thirst for knowledge...

    Especially since things are constantly changing - when fixating on one thing, you'll lose your broader perspective.

    My opinion... And looking at JS, there's a whole fun town of stuff to discover that does not have anything to do directly with JS. ;)
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    i wonder why everyone says vue sucks doggy balls.

    it kinda sorta fits in a rather interesting way somewhere between angular and react
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    @IntrusionCM wow, i have met rather a very few people who cannot "talk much about js", I thought JS is one big phase that everyone has to go through.

    I am very curious to know which frameworks and languages do you work with?
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    "google provides the strongesr support abd makes sure its apis work"..

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    DBMS (MySQL / PostGRES)
    Networking / Replication in general
    Administrative stuff (Kernel tuning, deployment, blahblah)
    PHP / Python / Java / C# / Bash

    Time with Pure JS / HTML / CSS was short, still know stuff, but most of it is forgotten (which is a good thing)

    And basically anything and everything that's necessary.
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