I have very low tolerance with people who can't make things work or just give up when they experience the slightest bit of incovenience. Get frustrated, angry, rant away, you're human after all. Take a break but get back to it. It's even more surreal when they work in this field and they have that deadweight attitude.

I'm glad that many things and processes have been improved that we don't need to put that much effort into them but people have been so damn lazy that when the time comes that they need to put in more effort, they just give up.

It's infuriating because back then, they wouldn't have had the privilege to "just give up" and live at the same time. Funny how they can't give up on reproduction though so here they are, passing on the genes with another lazy fuck, raising a new generation of lazy fucks while leeching off the efforts of their hosts.

There should be a visible line between "being considerate and understanding" and "kicking that spoiled brat motherfucker in the face so he knows what's up".

It's almost like a reflex these days. My asshole brain just goes, "Poor genes, lazy fuck, next."

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