Never had the need to feel imposter syndrome, due to i know people that are way dumber than me, could make it.

To give an example on some of the stupid shit i have seen from stupider devs than me. Yesterday at the company i am an apprentice at, me and an senior were debugging some shitty legacy code, from a comapny known to write shit code.

Here is some example of the idiocy from the company that used to maintain the projects we maintain now.

1: LoginActivity: Would first of all sending a soap request out to check if the device ID is whitelisted, then it would sending another one out to verify it, and then if it doesnt exists it would sending another request to that would make create the request (on the admin panel, were the devices can be whitelisted / denied).
Like wtf 3 fucking calls in a row and its fucking on the UI thread, stupid motherfuckers.

2: login soap request, lack the fucking authorization logic, like WTF you could even login without typing anything in the input fields. (Well it does have another system at least to only allow verified/whitelisted devices)

If those stupid motherfuckers that i heard were some fancy pantsy developers with university degress and years of experiences, can make it. Then every fucking one can make it.

The idiocy me and my colleagues have seen the last few months from that company (at least they did go bankrupt some years ago). Is beyond words.

So to anyone with imposter syndrome, if they could make it, everyone can fucking make it. Remember those idiots are likely multiple dimensions below you and could make it.

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