O can't convince my teammate that his .idea (project structure folder for IntilliJ IDE projects) doesn't belong on the repository.

He can't be bothered to make a .gitignore ๐Ÿ™‚ he says that he tested and it doesn't cause much problems.

Well it causes problems for me because I use the same IDE amd it causes problems.

Cant even git pull without a conflict.

Me: you should only put source files in the repository, all these other files all should be local and cause problems for other people!

Him: nah dude just click import project.

Result: shoddy repo with no git ignore.

Damn if he wasn't my friend...

I hate working in a team in college.

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    Just wait until you have to work with these people in the professional world. They exist. Everywhere. And they don't know that they have a problem.
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    Overwrite his .idea and commit it, then when he starts complaining about the issues tell him "this is why you use .gitignore".
    The fact that he's your friend should mean that he values your judgment, not that you bend over at his every whim.
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    Why would they even get hired?

    Shouldn't a good understanding of git be critical for recruites?
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    @endor he's just pretty stubborn, I don't even work usually with him. I like to work individually because this way I can actually do things right.

    Unfortunately, we are FORCED to work in teams for this project, so I can't work individually.

    But since it's a team project and almost all of it os done, I plan to do as little effort as possible and focus on finishing "Accelerated C++" then I'll do the project on my own, this time for personal benefit.

    This means I'll avoid butting heads for... Ehm... Trivial reasons.
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    > you should only put source files in the repository

    Things like .editorconfig, CI pipelines configs etc. work great in repos. But .idea... Yeah, it's supposed to be commited, but most of the time it's a PITA and waste of time.
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    git blame
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