When backend guy does front end he will complicate things and make heavy super dumb application that most of the user hates. That's why backend guy will just do backend, not because they are super genius or good in algorithm just that they don't have the skills to be a good front end developer. Just saying but think about it isn't it true.

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    Yes, I constantly tell people that if they want 'functional' they can ask me, if they want 'pretty' they are gonna need to get a designer involved.
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    What tools and frameworks do you use for your frontend? Jquery? Bootstrap? AngularJS?

    Unless you're using tools like Angular2, React/Redux, Vue, etc. in a sizable application I doubt you can even call yourself a skilled developer. You'd know the difference between frontend and backend are becoming smaller if you were a good developer.

    On the fronted you have to manage databases like indexedDB, manage application state, do API calls and work with MVC (often) with all modern frameworks.

    The only real difference is UI design, which you obviously don't have to do on the backend. I'd like to think we compensate that difference by having to manage complex relational databases with roles and users.

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