Shit programmer is not cheap coz later u pay more to hire the better one to fix the shit or rebuild from scratch. Think about it.

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    Fact. Cheap labour is a false economy!

    I've seen a 700 line switch statement with nested ifs in each case from a £200/day contractor, which didn't even work correctly. Took him 2 weeks to build.

    Same functionality from an £800/day contractor. Maintainable and clear. Took him 2 hours and worked first time, including unit tests.
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    Yup! Do it right the first time and save money - in anything you do.
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    @Torntech welcome to devRant! I see your point but if the project fails due to incompetent devs they are in bad trouble.
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    I always tell PMs: "You can have it Good, Cheap, or Fast, but you can only pick two."

    Then, when they throw more junior developers at it I tell them: "9 pregnant women doesn't make the baby come in a month."
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