I don't know why but I really like that small businesses are popping up during this time. People are finding ways to survive and make a living while social distancing. It's like living in a tiny village where each neighbor sells their own stuff - homemade, not mass produced by giant establishments. I don't hate the latter, it's just interesting. It's as if a coin has been tossed and the power has been turned just like that. Maybe I just really enjoy the chaos.

Each neighbor has something unique to offer and not every one of them finished a degree in business or have a giant capital on hand, most of them our small families who lost their jobs during the pandemic and is now utilizing technology to put food on the table.

The resilience, man, it's fucking sexy. My ass hole is puckering wet right now. I want these small businesses inside my chocolate factory.

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    I hope that this also will inspire big companies to pull their outsourced factories back out of Communist mainland.
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    I'm with you girl!

    Some few days ago my psrents and I were discussing how will this crisis affect all the economy and businesses. They were worried busineses will go bancrupt and the economy wil crash. I agreed with them, except without being worried. It's all natural. The market has to rebalance itself as the consumption and habbits change. Those which adapt to the changes will survive. Others will be replaced with new ones that can keep up with the pace. If people get fired they will most likely choose not to starve by looking for a way out -- the sleeping enterpreneurs will use this great chance to create new busineses, others will collaborate with them. Ofc since people are lazy it's gonna take several years to happen. But imo it's happening.

    All good kicks in a butt eventually turn out to be a good thing :)

    maybe I'm too naive, idk. But that's how I see it. And your post supports it ;)
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