Story of pytest and me

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    I have the same issue with find
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    fuck you java -version
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    The elephant should be --help.
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    That is the same as -h -e -l -p. Change my mind
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    We need a standard for his. It is annoying.

    Edit: this instead of his.
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- How about a script that looks up the proper syntax for any program from a community database?

    Actually, this sounds like such a general issue that there might already be one.
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    @Lor-inc man command
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    @Tounai If only all software had a man page that has a --help/-h menu.
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    i always expect -? to work as i'm bad at not automatically mixing linux and DOS syntaxes
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    Even the python common stuff is with the short and long versions, never mixed... Never noticed actually in pytest
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