Do not create tools and utilities to help your team mates.!

They'll call you on fucking Saturday and will ask why it's not working on a scenario which can take your time and goddamn peace.

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    I said, "you won't need it. It's only when you have like 10+ files"

    He said, "well, I only have 1 file. But I'm doing it for future reference."

    Fuck your future reference. Why on Saturday you want that!?
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    Just say you’ll look into it whenever you’ve got free time [and a will], or better yet — let them fix that tool or utility. Let it live as an open source solution, not as a paid tool with closed source code
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    I know that feel bro
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    "Sure, I'll look into it on monday!"
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    @Rozz it's already open source.! :''(
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    At the end I did the same. "It should work but idk why it's not working now. I'd have to look into it. I'll let you know if I find something."
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    In cases like that I usually reply "will take a look on Monday. You can use the manual way for now"
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    And that's why a work phone that you can turn off is fucking ideal!
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