may be u bois n girls won't believe this story, but it happened:

my college teachers and CS HoD are such an assholes that few months back, they asked me for the progress of the work I'm doing for my final year project(I'm making a small language) that I haven't even started.
So, during the project work period, I renamed "python" to "mylanguage" and showed them a function call and HelloWorld program are running fine to prove that I'm on track of my project. For source code, I just opened some random file I searched in my lappy which has thousands of lines of javascript code.
They looked at it carefully, asked me what kind of tools I've used to develop my language. I replied "Python".
then they praised my work, patted my back.

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    If I understood this story, I wonder who the asshole really is. 👏
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    @JhonDoe are you still wondering? Poor you
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    HoD??? Hour of Doom?
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    If your teachers cannot recognize that lousy trick and call you on it, I would suggest you to switch to another college
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    @hjk101 head of department
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    This is funny.
    They were only interested to see it work
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    That's just sad, if your goal is to actually make a language. This kind of thing gets you nowhere, you're just wasting your own time. I mean, yay you deceived probably underpaid and undertrained profs with a cheap trick, does that actually help you somehow? If you'd worked on your language you'd have learnt so much about language design and compilers which is a unique and difficult skill.

    And how does it make your teachers assholes?
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    @RememberMe Lazy people always try to blame their laziness on someone else. That's exactly what happened here.
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    @RememberMe bcoz they have one
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