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Your web dev noobie here. i was doing php froma php udemy course a few days ago. Recently i created a very basic website that used mysql and php in the backend and deployed on aws ec2 instance.

So as of now i know php, some frontend and basics of how to deploy a website.

looking forward i guess i could deploy more websites with a bigger sql queries and more complex tables. But it feels like i am missing some important concepts . i mean the whole site comprised of 1 php file handling the backend and i html file (=html+js+css)

Can you tell me some of the important things that i could learn by adding to my projects(in context to php)?
I have heard there are a lot of concepts like architectures, frameworks, security handling, api designing/testing , graphql, encryptions, etc that a backend dev should know.

Also Can someone share their exerience with those php frameworks(laravel, codeignitor, symphony, cakephp, yii, etc) ? i haven't read much about them

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    Here's a list I prepared earlier.

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    @C0D4 nice list! php the right way seems a pretty cool website. Thanks for this .

    Also, how are you able to access your million year old comment? My Phone can only scroll upto a few 100 comments
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    <Addition to post>

    Do you guys have (or know about) any open source php websites which i can look for a better understanding of modern backends with all their best practises and shenanigans

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    No open source projects on github?
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    @2Large I marked the rant as a favourite so I could find it again easier.

    As resource 8 suggests 😉

    If you follow php the right way, adhere to the PSR (this is key) and make maintainable testable code with phpunit you should be miles ahead.

    Also, keep it clean and simple with your naming conventions.

    Anything database related use prepared statements with PDO.

    An overview of what I mean is here:


    But this expects you know what you're doing already to some extent.
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