Would it be legally possible to create some sort of.. erm religious group (please just hear me out), something like "problematic programmers", so that people are allowed to just refuse to hack stuff? You know like some religions go "I'm not gonna wipe my ass" so kinda like that but against bad programming? Thou shall not hack and will always read everything before using and minimize the amount of guessing involved in your development process.. shtuff like that. So then when they go "just fuck it up, it's gonna sell well", you can just go nah I'm problematic programmer it's against my belief.

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    That group of developers already exist. They're called slow and inefficient developers 🙃
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    @myss I guess I agree on the slow. Not as much on the inefficient.
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    Wait, you mean some programmers actually *do* read the documentation ???
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    I'd support a religious group where one of the commandments is:

    Thou shalt not use fucking hashtags on devRant.
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    @Fast-Nop i told you you’re awesome but you just won’t believe me, nobody will.
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    The last thing humans need is religious dogma infecting professions. We're already dealing with multiple languages and the ideologies around those. Maybe look at refining your own lead dev practices?
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    @Fast-Nop aight sry about that
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    @PublicByte You forgot how covid-19 and the 5G cell towers factor in!
    Get it right!
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    @magicMirror Why is 5G center frequency the resonant frequency of sperm?
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    @Demolishun Duh! To counter the gay vibes sent by the antennas! Dude, you need to do some research
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